Monday, June 30, 2014

Increase On Federal Student Loans July 1st

Student Loan Interest Rates to Increase - ABC News

The beginning of the month of July will see a hike in interest on federal student loans for Stafford undergraduate, graduate, and parent plus loans.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Future of Higher Education at Stake

Mark Cuban Student Loan Bubble - Business Insider

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, shark, and all around business man Mark Cuban warns that the student loan debt bubble could pop, leaving college tuition, and therefore colleges, vulnerable to the same pricing collapse that plagued the housing market during the subprime mortgage crisis of '08.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

DO SOMETHING: Ignored Debt Is Really Bad Debt

Don't ignore your debt, especially student loan debt. It's a very toxic and lasting debt to have being that it can't be easily discharged in bankruptcy. It's really bad:

"Ignoring your debt only makes it worse,” may sound cliche, but when it comes to these loans in particular, there is truth in that adage. Student loans don’t just go away, and the consequences of making no attempt to pay or resolve them can be severe. But what does happen if you ignore your student loans?
- Adam Levin, 

Find out from this abc business article:

What Happens If I Ignore My Student Loans? - ABC News

Friday, September 6, 2013

Student Debt Not A Bubble But Still A Problem

Jordan Weissman from the Atlantic on the J P Morgan's exit from the student loan game and why it doesn't signify a debt crisis of the scale and magnitude of the U.S.'s bygone subprime bubble era:

"But there's also a greater point here. For the most part, it's not helpful to think of student lending, circa 2013, in terms of bubbles at all. Rather, as Chadwick Matlin has put it at Reuters, it's more of an anvil weighing on a large but discrete group of very unfortunate borrowers. In all but the most rare circumstances, it's impossible for former students to discharge their bad debts in bankruptcy. That means the government is mostly protected from defaults. So are the banks, to a degree.
Young adults, however, are on the hook for debts they can't handle, but which they'll likely continue to take on so long as college costs stay high. There won't be a moment where the market goes "pop." But there's still a crisis that needs to be addressed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

For Many Students, College Means Back to Middle School - Kenneth Terrell - The Atlantic

This is a pretty huge problem.

The whole point of primary education is to get your ready for secondary, and secondary is to get you ready for the real world. If there are incongruities on both those levels then what the heck are we doing education-wise? Teach children to learn?

We need to get this education reform thing in full tilt before things get much worse.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Student Loan Repayment Tips for College Dropouts - US News and World Report

Three tips to help with loan repayment for College Dropouts. Including:

1. Pay Soon
2. Be Knowledgeable
3. Part-time May Be Best