Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Higher Education: Student Loan Q&A, Value of a College Degree

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Answers to Your Questions About Student Loans, Part One
Answers to questions about public service loan forgiveness, options for people with private loans who are struggling with their debts and the impact of student loans on debtors' credit score.

This is a pretty good Q&A overview of student loans and how to go about getting and/or attending that type of financial assistance for school.

Finding the Value in a College Degree By EQUAL JUSTICE WORKS

This brings up the good question of whether the degree a prospective college student is going after is worth the debt. According to the article a degree is still a very valuable asset in this economic climate, but it suggests maybe to get the most out of your college education assessing whether your time and money is being utilized well might be pertinent. 

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