Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Note to Self: Leave Chris Brown Alone

Cause, you know, people in glass houses and all.

More importantly leave the Grammy Awards alone.

Chris Brown is convicted of assault for beating a woman...Bad. Actually deplorable might be a stronger, more befitting word. Whatever the case, he made a big nasty lowlife boo-boo putting his hand on a his girlfriend three years ago, no matter what happened between them.

He made himself a bad guy. To many of the public, now all he'll ever be is a recovering bad guy.

Obviously, not enough people to slow him down. If he does something like this again he will truly be blacklisted, but I hope he doesn't. People are waiting for it, but they shouldn't be because that's as horrendous as beating a woman. To wish for him to fail as bad as he did before is to wish for another woman to be beat again. Of course that's not criminal, but it's disgusting though.

Leave him alone, like that one guy said of Brittany Spears. Stop waiting in the wings for someone to fail cause they're suppose to be the bad guy. Bad guys are going to be bad guys until they die and for all we know they continue the same over into the afterlife. Our waiting isn't going to stop them and I think we know that. Most people are only looking for their "I told you so". I hope they don't get it with Chris Brown. They're are people right now we could care more about. People that are being beat by their boyfriends, husbands, children, parents, and persecuting Chris Brown is only time wasted on a somewhat resolved, if not closed case.

Now if I'm defending the guy with woman flesh stuck to his knuckles, I don't have a problem with the Grammy's acceptance of said felon. We should stop trying to make high profile people/institutions the police of our society. Especially since they have a proven track record of being some of the most depraved, if only because of the higher standards we set for them, as if they are gods rather than men and women. It's understandable. The downtrodden rich and powerful  have far greater assets to execute their depravity than the poor and voiceless downtrodden.

Anyway, leave the Grammy people alone too. They are only booking the talent, which slug-her or not, Chris Brown has. They are only giving awards for.. I'm not sure the criteria for doling out the awards. I hate awards period. They're pointless when it comes to dividing talent from talent, which all they'd be doing at a certain point. I mean I understand they giving the winners and nominees a certain about a clout i.e. buy Oscar nominated... or buy the Grammy winning... but as far as telling whose better at certain instances the waters are quite muddy.

Wow. I got off track.

My point was the Grammy Awards are sending out one message and that is keep music is important(and I guess the sponsored messages). If anyone or anyone's kid is getting any other message, like domestic violence is okay, they should be talked to, thoroughly, and not with your fist, use your words. We need to do better at educating the children (and people in general) ourselves, rather than control what kind of message the music business is sending to our children about domestic violence.

An MTV article on Chris Brown's reaction to the "vitriol"/doubt. "Chris Brown Blasts Grammy Appearance Critics 'Hate all you want becuz I got a Grammy,' Brown tweeted." Gil Kaufman.

Also, I wish he wasn't so, retaliatory and aggressive about the situation. I understand that he's human and bound to get frustrated because there's really nothing he could do to make the "haters" look at him any different, but it's kind of scary. Makes him seem still really young, and still really hotheaded. Antagonized somewhat, but a bit hotheaded nonetheless. You beat a woman dude, let the people be pissed and ignore them. If you've changed or are trying to change don't just say, really don't let the hate get to you. Societally, the public kinda has a right to be angry cause we're worried about the nature and morals of our community. You should just let 'em be angry and thank your fans cause without them you wouldn't've had a chance.

[Edit/add: I linked to the the Atlantic article (below) on Google plus. Basically, I'm sharing here because of what I wrote above the link. Overall [sic] on my quote. (That is, if you can do that to your own words). And it proves why the the Atlantic article was far more articulate. Anyway...]

"An Atlantic article, from Ta-Nehisi Coates, on the "Ri-Ri"/"Breezy"...fiasco? (I tried to a bit of discourse, before the collabo, on the Grammy/"Breezy" situation. It felt a bit soapy. This is far more articulate.)"
Empowerment isn't always accompanied by wisdom

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