Friday, February 10, 2012

Note to Self: Sometimes you don't know the full story...

This is the conversation some people were having about Chelsea Handler's talking openly about the abortion she had at the age of sixteen on The Rosie Show. The article and conversation is on 

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You know the arguments. It's one of the hot button topics in our culture. Abortion. Pro-choice. Pro-life. Yada, yada, yada.

It seems like a personal decision that people should stay out of, but of course, we've elevated to the national level. So now it's everyone's business what unwed, teen mothers and their parents decide to do with the unborn. One side wants to protect the mother's right not to eff up another human life and the other wants to protect that human life... essentially the same thing, no?

It's strange that two factions of people, both meaning well, could be so contentious to the other's point of view.

My opinion? Let abortions exist. What does it matter?

I say we should let there be abortions/abortion clinics/what-have-you, and instead of focusing on this cyclical argument, we should elevate the discourse: We should tell kids, tell people, the best thing to do is not have children until you are ready to raise children in the best environment possible. That's what the argument should be. I personally wouldn't want a child, my child, or me as a child, to be raised by parents that are unfit in anyway. I wouldn't want to throw any child into the system and hope they get Blindsided. Great adoption stories are probably not the norm. All you can hope for is your child to end up with a good family, but probably more often than we'd like, they don't.

So when given a choice between a, most likely, bad life raising the child, a possible bad life being raised "in the system," and no life at all...some people choose no life and for me at least that's understandable. I may not agree with it, but it's understandable. Not heartless and thoughtless.

None of this of course excludes heartless and thoughtless people from existing.

Who else out there is tired of this debate and is ready to move on to something more important like, say, raising the kids that we have to not be in a predicament where they'd have to/ want to get an abortion?

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